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Craps Table Layouts

<B>SALE</b> <BR>Blackjack / Craps Reversible Layout   36" X 72"SALE
Blackjack / Craps Reversible Layout 36" X 72"
One side a Blackjack game, and turn it over - you can start the party all over again with Craps!

The silk screened felt layout is used to turn a standard table into a casino game, and then fold away after the party is over!

May be used to replace old table layouts as well.

Measures: 36" X 72"

Our Price: $30.00

Craps Table Layout  72" x 36" Craps Table Layout 72" x 36" Silk screened felt Craps casino game layout designed with casino standards.

Can be used to cover a regular table and then folded away after the game for most compact game play.

Measures: 72" x 36"

Our Price: $28.00

Craps / Roulette Reversible Table Layout   25" X 16"Craps / Roulette Reversible Table Layout 25" X 16"Silk screened felt table layout for craps and roulette games. One side Roulette & reverse side Craps.
Size: 25" x 16"

Roulette Table Layout is European with single 0 standards.

Our Price: $22.00

Roll-out Gaming Craps Table TopRoll-out Gaming Craps Table TopThe Rollout Gaming Craps Table Top gaming surface features a soft, smooth gaming surface that allows cards to glide smoothly and prevents chips from bouncing. And with its durable rubber-lined bottom, it prevents the gaming top from sliding around on the table, providing a stable playing area every time.

Comes with a free carrying case. Dimensions: 70" x 35".

Our Price: $48.00