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Top 3 Holiday Poker Gifts

PokerChest’s Top 3 Poker Gifts for This Holiday Season

With Christmas fast approaching, you might be wondering what to get the aspiring WSOP champion in your life. Well, we here at PokerChest have compiled a list of the top 3 Poker-related gifts to give this holiday season. These gifts are sure to improve the poker playing experience of any guy (or gal), even when they’re praying for a gut shot straight on the river! We also suggest buying one of these for yourself, this Christmas or anytime.

3.Poker Card Shuffler

Alright, the cat’s outta the bag: you can’t shuffle. Your deck of cards looks like a frayed hotel bible. Not to worry, we live in the 21st century, where deck shuffling can occur at the push of a button. It’s the sort of device that a lot of manly men don’t want to admit they need, but trust me, your favorite poker player will appreciate a fairly, quickly shuffled deck.

2. Poker Chips

Think every poker player already owns poker chips? Think again! With home games constantly revolving and the lure of substituting, say, leftover Halloween candy for chips (tootsie rolls as the ones, of course), a lot of poker enthusiasts haven’t yet gotten a set of their very own poker chips.

For the casual player, they are at once utilitarian and decadent. Poker chip sets have the added benefit of being available at a wide range of prices, so that you can decide just how indulgent you want to be. Even a serious poker player who already has chips will appreciate custom poker chips with colored engraving of his favorite NFL team’s logo, for instance. Or, you could splurge on some clay chips, the same exact chips used at major casinos!

1. Poker Table 

This is the granddaddy of poker gifts. Poker tables make a great gift for oh so many reasons. For one, they are the mark of a serious poker player (or at least a committed enthusiast). Like poker chips, you can spend as much or as little as you’d like and still get a decent table; a huge variety of tables ranging from inexpensive folding poker table tops to beauties of felt and oak befitting a WPT final table are all as close as your fingertips. They are a welcome addition to any game room (I would even say they’re essential). Best of all, they show your recipient that you truly support his passion for poker.